You're Kidding, Right?

You're Kidding, Right?

Zoe and baby are still in the hospital at time of writing (not for anything serious, just a little jaundice which is pretty common). The good news is it looks like they'll be able to come home tomorrow!

Remember how in my post about the birth I said nothing went very wrong but nothing went right? Hah. Hahahaha. Yeah.

I just got home from the hospital after visiting with them and the only reason I made it home is that my car has run-flat tyres. And if you own a BMW with tyre pressure sensors you'll recognise the image attached to this post. Flat tyre. Now. Today. When I need to get to the hospital to pick up my partner and child tomorrow.

First thought? I'll get an Uber. Only... no, I need to have the car seat in and they're not going to do that are they? Well maybe I can hire a car, sure I'll have to uninstall the car seat from the car and swap it over but I could- wait, I have RAC breakdown cover through my insurance don't I?

So hopefully, though let's not count any chickens that haven't hatched here, they'll be able to get me up and running tomorrow morning. If they do it'll be another example of nothing going very wrong but nothing going quite right. Which, honestly, is just how parental life is going so far.