Not how I'd choose to meet the neighbours

Not how I'd choose to meet the neighbours

No, that's not a particularly shiny floor in my bathroom. That's a centimeter of water spilling in from the flat above. That's what I found when I turned up at the new flat today to meet a kitchen fitter. The kitchen fitter didn't turn up, but that's a whole other story.

So the first time I meet my upstairs neighbour is by knocking on his door to tell him water is pouring into my bathroom and ask if he has a leak. And I mean pouring. It was like it was raining indoors. The neighbour's bathroom is bone dry though.

The uninteresting part is that we got plumbers out and they did find the problem the more interesting part is that as a result, I was running up and down the stairs trying to coordinate things with my upstairs neighbour, at the end of the day when everyone was coming home from work. Which is how I met most of my new neighbours.

The good news is they all seem very nice and I now have names and phone numbers, I'm even in the whatsapp chat for the owners group repairs discussion. That happened a bit faster than anticipated but at least it's out of the way!

The less great part is that the water was flowing through the light fixture of the bathroom and the circuit breaker had tripped. Ok, the circuit breaker tripping is probably a good thing actually but it wouldn't reset. That's less good. On the other hand, the flat's being rewired in a week anyway so it could be worse.

Still, it turns out the saga of this flat purchase is not quite over yet!